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1 carton = 100 pcs

Espresso coffee capsules, in pressure sealed packaging in order for its organoleptic characteristics to remain unaltered.

Medium roast (red cap): mild, sweet, balanced flavor, with subtle caramel, chocolate, and light floral aromas.

Illy Iperespresso capsules contain a unique authentic blend of 9 different varieties of high quality Arabic coffee.

IPERESPRESSO SYSTEM – A revolution in espresso.

The novelty of distillation in two stages and the patented design of iperespresso capsules result in espresso that is full bodied, with intense aroma, and thick froth that lasts.

The capsules function as a professional distillation group. Protected by 5 patents, it functions in two stages: first the hot water is diffused with high pressure on the capsule capturing the components of the coffee for 3” and then the 2nd stage of distillation begins and results in excellent espresso with very thick froth.

Net Weight: 670g ℮
Store away from sunlight and heat.
Produced and packaged in Italy
Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Minimun order quantity: 1 pk.