Refunds & Charges

Refunds / Changes


The characteristics and other elements of products for sale are available online and those who are interested in information can follow the search instructions that that are in the e-shop sight by clicking on the respective product.


For any order cancellation (full or partial) an e-mail needs to be sent to or fax to 210- 6683329. This option is offered to the customers until the moment that they are informed by e-mail for the shipping of their order. After this point no cancellations or changes to your order are possible.


The prices shown in the catalogues under each product include V.A.T. The V.A.T. on all consumable products is 13% while the machines, cups, and beverages are 23%. For some parts of Greece where reduced V.A.T. rates apply, prices are lower than indicated. So if a customer’s business headquarters is in one of those areas, after the completion of the order, a total amount is calculated with a(reduced) V.A.T. Even if the purchase is made with a credit card, the above difference is removed from the amount of the order.

Note : The reduced V.A.T. is only for wholesale and invoice purchases.

Provinces with reduced V.A.T. rate:

  • Dodecanese
  • Samos
  • Chios
  • Lesvos
  • Cycladese
  • N. Sporades and Skyros
  • Samothrace
  • Thassos