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Coffee espresso beans are in a pressure sealed package in order for its organoleptic characteristics to remain unaltered.

Illy coffee beans are aimed towards more “knowledgeable” consumers, meaning those who seek to satisfy their senses by grinding their favorite coffee to the extent that they choose.

NORMALE – Medium roast (red line): mild flavor with a balance of caramel, chocolate, and floral aromas.

Set your coffee grinder to the amount (7-7,5 gr.) and reach the correct level of grinding to an ideal 20” to 25” to prepare an espresso normal (until the middle of the cup). If you grind the coffee beans coarsely, the cup fills quickly and the coffee appears “weak”. If you grind the coffee too fine, it flows with difficulty and appears “burnt”. After a few attempts, you will enjoy the coffee of your dreams.

Net Weight: 250g ℮
Store away from sunlight and heat.
Produced and packaged in Italy
Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Minimun order quantity: 1 p.